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The New HELHEIM Song "Ísuð"

The New HELHEIM Song "Ísuð"
April 11, 2019

With HELHEIM, log true veterans of the Viking Metal back to back with the follow up to their great album "landawarijaR" finally to publish. The change to the Label Dark Essence Records seems to be more than just a formality. This is because the already published Material from the upcoming Album "Rignir" revealed a somewhat more progressive, atmospheric way of playing the Norwegians.

metal.de presents the new HELHEIM Song "Ísuð"

And so it's not surprising that this Trend could go through with the new Album. It is also the latest piece from "Rignir suggests," the HELHEIM as a harbinger of their new album in advance. We look forward to you now, in cooperation with Karisma Records, the Song "Ísuð" present. A Lot Of Fun!

The Album will be released on 26. April via Dark Essence Records.

Track list:

1. Rignir
2. Kaldr
3. Hagl
4. Snjóva
5. Ísuð
6. Vindarblástr
7. Stormviðri
8. Vetrarmegin