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The New KING Song "Star"

The New KING Song "Star"
October 29, 2019

A certain exotic Bonus, you can not deny KING from Australia. Ok, clear – the Down Under has a lot of well known Bands to offer. For freezing cold Black Metal, the Aussies are not exactly known. The Trio is working but there are also other influences in his Sound, so melodic death steel can be located at many positions. The description of Mr Popp, in his Review of the debut Album "Reclaim The Darkness" hits it quite well: "A Bastard from IMMORTAL and their offshoot I, and KING OF ASGARD." Also he mentioned HYPOCRISY and PRIMORDIAL can listen to out of the way.

Well, three years after the Release of the said disc, the successor to "Coldest Of the Cold is now" finished, the Band would like to more on Hooks that stick in your head and appropriate choruses to focus. The Album will be released on 22.11. once again, Indie Recordings

metal.de presents: The new KING Song "Star"

According to "Mountains Call" as the first Single KING have decided now, for the Song "Star" is an official Lyrics Video. What is the Song that tells us the tape for yourself:

""Star" is one of our favorites on the Album and was inspired by the long-term fascination with the humanity of nature and the cosmos. The Song was very natural during the writing process, and has a great Mix of cold Riffs, bluesy Old-School Leads, and rounded off with a anthemic chorus! ....Staaaarrrrrrrgggghhhh.“

The also is nothing more then add. Together with Indie Recordings we wish you much fun with the Lyric Video to "Staaaarrrrrrrgggghhhh"... Pardon, "Star", of course:

Band Photo: Shane Henderson

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