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The New KING-Video "One More"Was

The New KING-Video "One More"Was
February 05, 2020

KING did it with her, in November released their second Album "Coldest Of the Cold" to polarize, what should you have certainly brought a number of new Fans. Finally, for a Band hardly something worse than indifference. For us, it showed like this: During colleague Maronde in his Review, lack of authenticity and a "Overfulfillment of clich├ęs in the lyrics" saw the Feedback in Your comments is quite benevolent from.

metal.de presents: The new music video from KING to "One More"Was

For all who would like to have a reference of the Australians, there is good news. For the Song "One More war" is now another Video done, this Time with Live Material on the joint Tour with WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM in your home originated. Also in this Song, the Trio let go again your wide-screen mixture of Melodic Black and Death Metal on you. You say to the new Video:

"We felt that the Song "One More Was" it deserves to stand alone as the final Single from our new Album. With Material from our recently-ended Tour of Australia with the complete Live Line-up, is Was "One More" to unite a frosty battle cry of the KING-legions from around the world."

Together with Indie Recordings we wish you much fun with the Video Was "One More":

Band Photo: Shane Henderson

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