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The New LATITUDES-the Song "Moorland Is The Sea"

The New LATITUDES-the Song "Moorland Is The Sea"
February 06, 2019

The British Post-metal band LATITUDES for their melancholic sound landscapes which take the listener's time. They force the listener practically, these landscapes are not easy to roam, but by and by. And the British charge your handset from 5. April extensively, because then your new Album will be "Part of Iceland".

metal.de presented to the new LATITUDES Songs

Until then, it is, however, still to have patience. Who maintains it, however, not on the seat, you need not despair. As we look forward to welcoming you to the Song "Moorland Is The Sea" from the Album present. The Song shows a section of the multi-layered nature of the album, the Band allow for a wide range of influences, from Black Metal to Doom to Indie Rock.

But see (and especially hear) for yourself – here are Moorland Is The Sea", the new Track from LATITUDES". A Lot Of Fun:

The Album is on 5. April via Debemur Morti Productions and can here be preordered.

Track list:

1. Underlie
2. Moorland is the Sea
3. Dovestone
4. Fallowness
5. The Great Past
6. Part Of Iceland