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The New METAPHORIC MIND-Video "Beyond"

The New METAPHORIC MIND-Video "Beyond"
February 07, 2020

METAPHORIC MIND from the Italian city of Pistoia was founded in 2013, however, lack a little in the way of publications which are restricted to a Demo-EP from the year 2017. Some changes in the Line-up made the orientation and development of one's own Sounds is sure not easy. In 2020, the Italians want an Italian on the micro – now, finally, off to the right start and have finished with "Beyond", their first professionally recorded Single. Stylistically, it moves in the area of modern Progressive Metal with some Djent influences. In fact, a certain proximity to JINJER unmistakable, even if METAPHORIC MIND a little catchy sound.

metal.de presents: The new music video of the METAPHORIC MIND to "Beyond"

The Band itself is quite complex Background of the song:

""There where everything ends, everything", this is the concept of "Beyond," that is the result of a dream. There is no beginning, no end, only two dimensions of the encounter and this one. From life to death, from darkness to light. It is an endless journey in our memory and our consciousness, which does not end in a timeline, but in their cyclic nature always goes on. We are compelled to live in a painful loop, we can escape to be impossible, which is what they want to tell this Song.“

The own professional claim to substantiate, have a METAPHORIC MIND also filmed a Video to her new Single, the don't need to hide really, and we don't want to deprive you of course. Together with PR Lodge, we wish you much fun with "Beyond":

The Single is available today via the usual Streaming platforms available.

Band Photo: Wanda Musetti

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