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  • The New Music Video Of LABIRINTO "Demiurge"

The New Music Video Of LABIRINTO "Demiurge"

The New Music Video Of LABIRINTO "Demiurge"
April 30, 2019

You fancy something really exotic? How about instrumental Post-Metal of a very weird variety from Brazil? LABIRINTO enjoy yourself in your home some exotic Status, since the density of Bands dedicated to Instrumental Metal, is in South America so far, apparently not too long. In order to be internationally well established, has showcase the Band for their current Album "Divino Afflante Spiritu"also, Magnus Lindberg, responsible for Drums, Synths and Studio technology at Sweden's Post-metal CULT OF LUNA, as producers secured.

metal.de presents the new music video of LABIRINTO "Demiurge"

After the title song, for already in February 2018 in the case of Pelagic Records Album, LABIRINTO created another Video to their song material, this Time to "Demiurge". The elaborate Clip is a Testament to the artistic ambition of the force and visualized the abysmal Sound of the song full of atmosphere. Get pleasure? Together with the CZ! Promotions, we present to you today, before the official Release, the Video for "Demiurge" and wish you lots of fun!

Who has now tasted blood, you can experience the Brazilians live, because the Band is in the may/July European tour:

Labirinto - Divino Afflante Spiritu Europe Tour In 2019 18.05.19 Cassiopeia, Berlin
Labirinto 19.05.19 Astra Stube, Hamburg
Labirinto 24.05.19 Cafe Derwisch, Vienna
Labirinto 29.05.19 Compressed Air, Oberhausen