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The New ORSO-Single "Mitraillette"

The New ORSO-Single "Mitraillette"
March 14, 2019

From the ashes of KRUGER and JUNE DEVILLE ORSO, summon your name to the forces of the bears rise to their elemental sounds of letting go of the audience. Without the vocals the Work of the Band is focused solely on the toughness, strength, and imposing their music.

metal.de presents the new ORSO-Single "Mitraillette"

In search of food, it drives the Swiss Post-Metal bear, to the point that they named every Song on their upcoming album "Paninoteca" according to various Sandwiches. Sounds bizarre, but the Band pulls through, completely unfazed by the otherwise prevailing seriousness of the Post-Metal.

And we are pleased to present to you the new Single of the Band's "Mitraillette" in cooperation with Czar Of Crickets Productions present. A lot of fun and good Hunger:

The Album will be released on 05. April. Pre-order the record here.

Track list:

1. Sloppy Joe
2. Jambon-Beurre
3. Choripàn
4. Horseshoe
5. Mitraillette
6. Fluffernutter
7. Jucy Lucy
8. Monte Cristo
9. Dagobert
10. Smörgåstårta