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The New Post-human Bigbang Song, "Bury"

The New Post-human Bigbang Song, "Bury"
February 27, 2020

Remo Häberli is, above all, as a producer, not Unknown in the Swiss Metal scene. So he took in his Studio among the albums of the FIEND and also E-L-R on. His own experimental project post human big Bang, which he founded together with his brother, Patrick, was, however, long on ice. This is due to, among other things, some personnel changes were. The self-titled debut Album was, it is now more than eight years of quite outstanding reviews reap – even we forgave back then, eight out of ten points. Now it is ready, with "Jungle Eyes" is finally the second Album is finished and is on 20. March to appear with Czar Of Crickets Productions.

metal.de presents: The new post-human bigbang Song, "Bury"

The second Single, "Bury" shows that the sophisticated Sound of post-human bigbang knows only a few limits. Post-Metal, Progressive Rock, Groove-Riffs and Dark Ambient bays are just some of the facets, which can be in Song again. Mastermind Remo Häberli reveals this:

""Bury" is the third Chapter on the Album and tells the story of a couple who has reached a low point in his relationship. To separate, finally, they are trapped in their behavior patterns and make more so, each other down, unable to this vicious circle to break.

It is the most personal Song on the new Album and is different from the others, musically, rhythmically, and through its narrative character.“

Together with Czar Of Crickets Productions, we wish you much fun with "Bury":

Track list:

1. Cycles
2. Homebound II
3. Bury
4. Bitter Tears
5. Jungle Eyes
6. Theme
7. Coals
8. Hate
9. Still I Am
10. Driftwood
11. Off

Here you can "Jungle Eyes" already pre-order it.

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