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The New RED STONE CHAPEL-Song "The Paper King"

The New RED STONE CHAPEL-Song "The Paper King"
October 09, 2019

The Marburg Stoner rockers RED STONE CHAPEL seem to be quite the idealist. For years, we just made music because I had been in the mood to jam together. In 2016, an EP came out with before, which was distributed in the house.

Now, ten years after the band's inception in 2009, was brought in a third guitar on Board and it is finally time for the first long player of the troupe. They even drawn their style as "Heavy Swamp Music" and it's not actually obvious that the music has a neat southern twist. Classic Rock, Sludge, Blues, Progressive and Stoner are the main influences of Hesse seem to be.

metal.de presents: The new RED STONE CHAPEL-Song "The Paper King"

After all, RED STONE CHAPEL for your Longplay have debut directly a Deal with Argonauta Records in the bag, the "Omega Boombox" on 25.10. in the shops. As a second taste of the Band for the Song "The Paper King" – a number which sounds pretty heavy and thus almost made for a song premiere in metal.de!

Together with All Noir, we wish you much fun with "The Paper King":

Track list of "Omega Boombox":

1. Squid Limbo
2. Dead Man's Chime
3. Thieves In The Attic
4. Panta Rhei
5. Praise The Fool
6. The Paper King
7. Omega Boombox
8. Herc (That Motherfucker)

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