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The New RYTE Song "Shaking Pyramid"

The New RYTE Song "Shaking Pyramid"
November 27, 2019

Heavy Psych Sounds have done it again. With your new arrival RYTE, the Italian Label once again underscores its claim on the Genre-top in the area of Stoner and Psychedelic Rock. The Quartet from Vienna builds but also a lot of Doom influences in his Sound and moves to classic tracks from the à la PENTAGRAM.

The second Single from the upcoming, self-titled debut Album, however, shows that it can also be quite complex. Almost without Vocals, the almost twelve minute mammoth number, "Shaking Pyramids" takes the listener on a darkly psychedelic Trip. In the words of the Band themselves:

"With "Shaking Pyramid", the longest composition on the Album, we have tried to create a certain doomige atmosphere of the present, inter-dimensionally connected with the past and the future. Almost without Lyrics, the Track tells the story of ancient structures, created by alien craft.“

Cover Artwork of the upcoming, self-titled album.

metal.de presents: The new RYTE Song "Shaking Pyramid"

We have the honour today to present, together with All Noir, the Premiere of the new RYTE Songs "Shaking Pyramid". A Lot Of Fun!

The Album will be released on 17. January 2020 in the case of Heavy Psych Sounds and can here already be preordered.

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