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  • The New SCHIZOPHRENIA-Video "Structure Of Death"

The New SCHIZOPHRENIA-Video "Structure Of Death"

The New SCHIZOPHRENIA-Video "Structure Of Death"
January 09, 2020

SCHIZOPHRENIA is a cool Name for a Metal Band, no question. Unfortunately, it is a bit confusing, if you look, what Bands with this name, there are actually already. Argentina, Colombia, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, the USA... The list of countries with schizophrenic Bands is a long one. Now Belgium comes to their SCHIZOPHRENIA you should remember but not necessarily.

The guys around singer/Bassist Ricky Mandozzi gamble a relentless mix of Death and Thrash and act a little like the badder, räudigere variant of your country-men from the EVIL INVADERS, to operate without simple nostalgia-Worshipping. With their 5-Track EP "Voices", on 31. January appears to be in self-distribution, attack the Quartet is now, for the first time properly.

metal.de presents: The new music video from SCHIZOPHRENIA to "Structure Of Death"

For the Opener, "Structure Of Death" have turned the four a Live performance based Video. All Fans of old MORBID ANGEL, DARK ANGEL, or even the venerable DEATH should definitely have a ear risk. The Band about the Song:

""Structure Of Death" shows you the power that we let out in our Live Performances. Ruthlessly, relentlessly, with power and full of Aggression. Let the structure of the death of your soul's embrace!“

Together with All Noir we wish you much fun with the Video to "Structure Of Death":

Hooked? The EP you can here pre order – of course as a Vinyl-in different colors and Tape!

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