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The New Task Force TOXICATOR Video To "Reborn In Thrash"

The New Task Force TOXICATOR Video To "Reborn In Thrash"
November 29, 2019

Task force TOXICATOR by pulling more your thing, and the means to: Uncompromising and, above all, an authentic Old-School Thrash. Just as mangy as the Band sounds – and no, that's not what is meant here is definitely negative – looks, the new Video to "Reborn In Thrash". Ok, if you 80s is Worshipping on the pointer, then you will probably not warm. All other t(h)is rashige Splatter opus, however, in each case, to the heart.

The münster almost would have been history, as they were taken by the evil Dr. Bloodinstool caught and tortured. Were it not for Lars-Ly Van Drum, the rushes to the brave warriors to the aid and from the clutches of the villain freed.

Ok, I admit it sounds pretty silly, but the Story of the video actually has a Background from the real life. "Reborn In the Thrash" is the first new position since the self-titled EP, which appeared in February 2018. Since then, a lot of time went into the search for a new Drummer, which is now found with the help of Lars, and thus actually a means of rebirth for the Formation.

metal.de presents: The new music video from task force TOXICATOR to "Reborn In Thrash"

But enough of the many words in Common with the Band, we are pleased to present to you the new Video of task force TOXICATOR. A lot of fun with "Reborn In the Thrash":

The Single is already on the known digital platforms available.

If you want to experience these guys live, you guys in December twice more the opportunity to:

07.12.2019, Bielefeld JZ Stricker
13.12.2019, Münster, PG house

Band Photo: Consequat

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