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The Pre-sale, And Numerous Innovations For The 2020 Edition

The Pre-sale, And Numerous Innovations For The 2020 Edition
November 28, 2019

28. to 31. In may, the visitor is in Hailtingen back to the Headliner. The fourth edition of the Festival without Bands comes with several new features. But perhaps the most Important right at the beginning: Bands there will be, as always, no. But the terrain is widening to a Green Camping Area, a Truck-mile is a mile, as well as many bookable Festival Extras.

With the Green campsite, the organizer creates a Site for all those who want it like to have something clean and quiet at night. In addition to various waste regulations, it is also a strict night's sleep.

On the 100-Meter-dealers mile Festival-visitors will find everything the sought-after open-air-heart. From clothes through accessories and practical things. What is it with the Truck-mile on, and don't want to tell the organizers, however, still, but keeps this as a Surprise.

Who would not want to carry the tent itself, which will be able to book from 2020 of a supplier in advance. In addition, there will be a "map of the early Rumtreibens", which allows earlier intake. Visitors will also get the opportunity to book a "Shit And Shower"-a flat rate, or even rent your own port-o-potty. With the beer-Preorder-way of the cool juice of the Barley can be ordered in advance.

"We maintain a very close and good contact to our guests," said organizer David Lüke, "since we are not able to be a guest, we need the opinion from the Crowd, to celebrate the festival feeling and to be able to perfectly implement it." It is also a terrain is created. The Infield will be in the future, directly in the middle of the area.

Festival without Bands – A Festival with a concept

The proven concept remains despite the improvements, the same simple as it is extraordinary: The FESTIVAL WITHOUT the BANDS is an Open-Air picture-book – only live performances, there are no rules. In 2017, launched the event offers pretty much everything the festival feeling after Loud music Festival-fast food, Infield, Camping cars, large party tent, Bathroom, Flunky Ball, Looping Louie in people size, crazy neighbors, crowd surfing and even a swimming Pool. The Imagine Stage is also twenty-twenty again, band-free on the Infield. There, visitors will be blown with the usual Sound and light system of the legs, as well as to seduce one or the other of Pogo or Mosh Pit. The pre-sale is already in full gear, so that already a third of the Tickets are sold.

In December, a ticket order is worth more, because then there will be an "advent calendar" in the daily vouchers from the and for Festival and Merch to be raffled among the best sellers.

General agreement here is the Aftermovie of this year's bash:

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