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The Singer Died Recently

June 10, 2019

André Matos, as the singer of ANGRA, SHAMAN, VIPER has become known, is on Saturday, 8. June 2019 passed away. On Saturday, the first rumors went around, it was confirmed the death yesterday on the official Facebook page of André. André, unfortunately, was only 47 years of age – background to the death were not mentioned in the message.

About a week ago, on Sunday (2. June 2019) was André still with SHAMAN in the Espaço das Américas in São Paulo and was also a guest of AVANTASIA on their headlining Shows. AVANTASIA frontman Tobias Sammet has already expressed its opinion on his Facebook page the death:

I am devastated by the tragic news about the passing of my friend André Matos whom I shared the stage with only five...

Posted by Avantasia on Saturday, 8. June 2019

The metal.de-editorial thoughts are with Andrés friends, Acquaintances, band mates and his family.