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  • The Stream Of New RIBOZYMES Album "Argute"

The Stream Of New RIBOZYMES Album "Argute"

The Stream Of New RIBOZYMES Album "Argute"
February 06, 2019

A bit heavy, the Norwegians RIBOZYMES do their listeners. Yes, especially if you expect a simple, modern Hard Rock Album. Almost we would be at the meeting, their last album, "grind Tune" fell for it. However, plugged-in to the Norwegians so much more than "just" Rock. The band's progressive influences, technical game, and atmospheric Songwriting expertly incorporated into your Sound and get out but catchy Songs that move.

metal.de presents: The Stream of new RIBOZYMES album "Argute"

The Band has now, almost four years after the said predecessor, is a new iron in the fire, which answers to the name of "Argute", and at 08. February via Indie Recordings. What is the thing, you can but it is already with us. We look forward to seeing you in cooperation with Indie Recordings the Stream of the album present.

A lot of fun with "Argute":

Track list:

1. Sonic Wealth
2. Haunted a Minute Ago
3. Argute
4. Pleasures of Drowning
5. Tied to the Grid
6. Coerced
7. Out of Orbit
8. Allegiance to the Damned
9. Plasma