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The Stream Of The New ABEST-album Of The "Bonds Of Euphoria"

The Stream Of The New ABEST-album Of The "Bonds Of Euphoria"
November 20, 2019

Quality instead of quantity the Post have written-metallers ABEST for their new Album on the flags. Your 2014 appeared first on "Asylum" has already caused for a series of good Feedback. Now the göttingen have shrunk now to a Trio, resupply of Europe. Not only the number of participating musicians has decreased, however, the time has halved in the case of a constant number of Songs on the "Bonds Of Euphoria" almost.

Also in the Post-Metal, cross-eyed here, clearly in the direction of the Sludge, you can come so quickly to the point. Bassist Patrick to the new development:

"For me, Bonds Of Euphoria means the consistent and shift the ideas that were so far behind ABEST. Already on our last EP "Last" we have identified the atmospheric Parts, the "Asylum", always further away. "Bonds Of Euphoria", reflects this development now, even more radical: The Songs are shorter, more impulsive, and for us as a Band also playfully demanding. Through line-up changes and personal developments in a very different dynamic has emerged.“

metal.de presents: The new ABEST-Album Stream

Of the new dynamics in the Sound of ABEST, you can convince you yourself, as we have the entire new disk for you in the Stream. Officially they will be released on 22. November at Moment of Collapse Records.

Together with All Noir, we wish you much fun with the "Bonds Of Euphoria".

Track list:

1. Endure
2. Lockjaw
3. Remnant Fault
4. Dread
5. Rudimentary Need
6. Bonds Of Euphoria
7. Thriving In Terror

Band Photo: Martha Friedel

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