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The Winner Has Lost...

February 18, 2016

...it means, among other things, on the 26.February, when the Swedish legends ENTOMBED A. d with their new Album “Dead Dawn” via Century Media Records come around the corner and once again the listeners flocking flog. There is for the Song “The Winner has Lost”, and below is visible, a brand-new Video Clip.

The Band commented as follows: “We were about to brew a collaboration beer with Warpigs in Copenhagen. At Imperial Stout that is a mix of Mikkellers “Beer Geek Breakfast” and a 3 Floyd's “Dark Lord”. It will basically taste like we sound.Very heavy stuff. We were looking forward to a day of brewing beer, drinking beer and eating bbq. Then we were told that we need a new video asap. So we got a great idea and perfect solution: let's just film us, brewing, drinking and eating and spending the whole budget on that! And so we did. Best day at work ever.”