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Their Latest Album

Their Latest Album
March 03, 2020

On 27.03.2020 the second CD of the single dinosaur rock band in the world. "Savior of The world" should appeal to both children, as well as the adult metal fans. So a duet with Doro on the Tracklist Pesch, and also the keyboard player Milli Pilli is their debut as a singer. Suitable for the new Album, the Band goes on big Tour. The characters and their stories deal with subjects that move little Rocker and Dino-Fans, and at the same time send the message that everyone is cool just the way he is. They tell of the wild life of the dinosaurs and the joy of loud Rock. This is a concept that combines music, Learning, Playing, and movement, and now stretches of phonograms and Mobile Games with up to a 90-minute Film.

Heavy saurus are:

Vocals: Mr. Heavy Saurus (Michael Voss)
Keyboard: Milli Pilli (Valentin Boulder)
E-Bass: Grouchy Puffi (J├╝rgen Steinmetz)
E-Guitar: Riffi Raffi (Christof Leim)
Drums: Komppi Momppi (Philipp Klinger)

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