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Ticket-the Final Sprint To The Feuertal Festival

August 13, 2015

The following Flyer came in today:

“Feuertal Festival 2015 – the final sprint of the last Tickets!

On Friday and Saturday, 28.08 – 29.08.2015 opens the now 12. Feuertal Festival its doors again! Now, with Illices diabolical also , the last Band confirmed, on the acoustic stage at the medieval market plays.

Also 2015 will be a very special Festival celebrated for two days, the waldbühne Hardt will be in the sign of the Met, shawm, and beautiful robes and batwing sleeves. On Friday, the 28. August opens the Festival its doors, every year, leads the way to the stage through a medieval market, in the year of the dozen-anniversary bigger than ever before. The terrain was enlarged, so that more stalls have a place, it is a stage at the medieval market, fire-eaters, jugglers and other artists, their art pieces offered for sale, including the already mandatory fire show. In the end, it means a clear Plus in terms of medieval atmosphere than in the previous years.

Those that take the Camping in the Mirke, you can look forward to a new feature: thanks to the Pools in the Pool in 2015 will be the opportunity to do the function of the swimming pool is sufficient.

The Line Up of the festival carries the claims of the anniversary of the invoice: With Schandmaul and Fiddler's Green are two long-standing companions of the Feuertal festival at the Start, joined them on Fridayevening with Saltatio Mortis still a Top Act, at the Feuertal Festival in his only NRW Show in the Festival's summer play. Then there are also to hear the first Songs from the upcoming August new Album! It may be interesting. So it's worth a frühzeitige card procurement for the usually früh sold-out Festival.

Einlass: 13 Uhr | Start: 14 PM
12. Feuertal Festival with · Saltatio Mortis · verse gold · Corvus Corax · Rapalje · Punch nJudy · Schandmaul · Fiddler's Green · Mr. Hurley & The powder monkey · level · harpy

Location: Waldbühne Hardt
Festival ticket
VVK || 59 € + booking fee

Day ticket

VVK || 38 € + VVK fee

The Line-Up:

Friday, 28.08.2015
Punch nJudy
Corvus Corax
Verse gold
Saltatio Mortis

Saturday, 29.08.2015
The Level
Mr. Hurley & The Powder Monkey
Fiddler's Green

Through the program again Eric Fish from Subway To Sally, the medieval market is the guests of the festival reserved Camping Area in the Mirke opens already on Thursday, the 27. August 16 clock and has until Sunday, 30. August 2015 14.

More info at:

Camping in the Freibad Mirke
From the 27. August 16 at up to 30. August 2015 to 14 PM.
Camping ticket:
VVK || 10 EURO + VVK fee

Freibad Mirke
In the Mirke 1
42109 Wuppertal”