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Tickets And Merch

Tickets And Merch
March 08, 2020

The casino Metal Nights to go in the 3rd Round and this time it is bigger, more colourful, more international and more varied than in the past Metal Nights.

On the occasion of our presentation, we want to offer you admission to the event on 28.March in the casino of Trier, allow. In addition, you may pick up you with a prize at the Merch that will set the Bands for you.

1.Prize: A Shirt with autograph of MISSION IN BLACK

2.Prize: A CD "winter cult" of frost country and a t-Shirt in L

3.Price: A double CD of the SLEEPERSā€˜ GUILT

To throw your name in the draw, you need to do is fill in the fields below this article.
The winners will be announced on Sunday, the 15. March drawn at random and notified via Email.

First name Surname
The price of your choice*
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Forget not, your Email address and confirm this also. Legal recourse is excluded as always.
Please note: After submitting the form, you will receive an Email from us. The Link your clicking on need to confirm your Email address. If this is not done we can not take into account your participation in the contest due to legal reasons!

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