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Times Around The Corner There Is A Video

Times Around The Corner There Is A Video
February 12, 2020

Norwegian Bands have a variety of, a great a home advantage: The often still untouched nature of the country only serves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the music, but also as an ideal backdrop for any music video, without the need for further major measures. ENSLAVED at the beginning of February are gone, so in short time your doorstep, with a new Video for their upcoming, 15. To turn Album. Ivar Bjørnson reported:

"We had mountains and a wonderful weekend with the Icelandic video wizard Gaui H – this Time in our home. We have filmed the music video for a Song that revolves around the eternal connection to the proverbial 'true North' – the place that brings you through the darkness to the new day, the need to travel to or from wherever through you fight, bearable.

It was filmed in different locations. In contemporary buildings that embody our local history in various types and forms, in the historic Bryggen Wharf, where both the trade and the Black death influenced, and, of course, is in the mountains and the forest, the mountains surrounding, and in an eternity an artist here, inspired.

Impression from the Enslaved-a video shoot in the mountains

The incredible support of friends and lovers of our art has us overwhelmed, really, everyone, from the local Restaurant Lysverket to the local Metal Festival 'Beyond The Gates', and the ever-reliable Bergen Backline, helped us where he or she could.

We can't wait, what Gaui H and his Team from the recordings spells – personally, I am firmly convinced that it is a fitting tribute to this place, this Region, and the idea is that we owe so much Inspiration.
Thank you to all of you, thank you mountains!“

Although the domestic nature so some of it has to offer, it has the belt already, most recently, to Video filming in Iceland devious. To the moving image and the results from the spring of Gaui H Pic, which is quite safe in a wild nature shaped his will, we must now be patient a little longer.

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