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To Cancel The Jubilee Concert

September 30, 2015

On 3. November to celebrate the Scorpions their 50-years on stage anniversary and the re-release of 8 of the album, the classics with an intimate club concert. The club concert will be at 3. November, at 19:30h from Arte TV live worldwide streaming and on 14. November 23:35h on Arte TV BERLIN LIVE broadcast. For this concert, no Tickets are on sale, it is only what can be won. In addition, the Fans can vote on the band's homepage on the Setlist of the concert.

The Scorpions explain: “In the words of 50 years are difficult to summarize, but as we have heard during the work on the re-releases of our albums all these Songs that were recorded in one of our most creative phases, many of which were previously unreleased, this was for us a real journey through time. This has allowed us to play then ultimately inspired our jubilee concert in an Arena, but as in the beginning of our career, in a Club in front of 500 people. Through the cooperation with Arte TV, we can ensure that all Fans worldwide can enjoy this concert in the live stream part”.

In addition to dozens of Studio Tracks and Live recordings that were never heard, there are to re-released the Album on CD with detailed Booklets with photo rarities, singles-Covers, Backstage passes and complementary accompanying texts by Edgar Klüsener, the has the followed the Band's career for decades, from the vicinity.

To five of the eight albums, a DVD with concert video recordings, television performances, and Band Interviews. In these Interviews, the Scorpions betrayed to each of the five albums are Lovedrive, Blackout, Love At First Sting, World Wide Live Savage the respective history of Amusement and give insights into the creative processes of these albums. The re-mastered LPs appear on 180-gram Vinyl in replica sleeve of the first pressing. Be added to the LPs, respectively, by an Audio-CD with the Original track list and the Bonus audio content that is also included on the CD-formats. All 8 Vinyl records appear in a limited edition, numbered Super Deluxe Box Set.

Photo Credits: Marco Theis