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To Publish New Video And Details About The Album

To Publish New Video And Details About The Album
May 15, 2019

It is more concrete. BATUSHKA surprise today with Details on inconsistencies within the own ranks, but focus on the music. The Polish Band is at 12.July 2019 a new Album with the name "Hospodi" post.

A Cover Of "Hospodi"

Celebration of a mass for the dead

"Hospodi" means in old-Slavic "God". BATUSHKA, have focused here on the concept of a mass for the dead in the Orthodox Church. A concept that the Band, with Prayers, songs, and traditions celebrated in memory of the deceased. Your Inspiration you found on your own, the Polish Tradition and the typical dealing with the death of, characterized by dead guards on the coffin, accompanied by folk songs and action songs.

With the today published new Song "Chapter I: The Emptiness – Polunosznica (Полунощница)" give BATUSHKA a first look at their music, art guard full presented dead.

"Hospodi" in memory of the deceased

"Hospodi" is the long awaited successor of "Litourgiya" from the year 2016, which, to date, as an Insider-tip force Band, out from the earth far to the front of the catapult. The musical, celebrated mass with perfectionist attention to detail was immediately in the highest levels of Black metal, and felt in any second as a debut Release. Now it was time to prove to BATUSHKA, you can claim this profile in the scene with“Hospodi“, and more.

Live you can see the Band this year at the Full Force Festival and at the Wave Gothic Meeting in Leipzig.