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To Release The Single "Derailed"

To Release The Single "Derailed"
December 21, 2018

The Swedish Grindcore/Crust-force SNAKE TONGUE has released a first Single from their upcoming EP "No Escape – No Excuse". So it is today on several portals, the Song "Derailed". Here we have the Bandcamp Version for you:

SNAKE TONGUE – "Derailed" from the upcoming EP "No Escape – No Excuse" (Single)

The Single there are, however, not only on Bandcamp, but also on Spotify, Youtube Music , and Apple Music to listen to.

The "No Escape – No Excuse"-EP is 15. February 2019 to appear on The Sign Records. It is the successor to "Raptor's Breath", the 2016 debut album of SNAKE TONGUE.

Here is the Cover Artwork of "No Escape – No Excuse":

And so is the Tracklist of the EP:

Corrupted Beat Dsytopian Slumber Derailed The Hammer & The Nail