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To Solve Also

September 14, 2015

Also the Welsh FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND have announced their resolution. A justification is not specified in the Post, only that they have “reached the end of the line” and the members of the band have decided by mutual agreement to take this step. Since more than ten years of active Post-Hardcore Band announced a final Tour called “Last Chance To Dance – The Final Tour”, when you want the albums “Casually Dressed & Deep In Conversation” and “Hours” respectively, in their entirety and in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Wiesbaden, and Cologne. Here are the relevant data:

23. and 24.03.2016 Hamburg
25. and 26.03.2016 Berlin
28. and 29.03.2016 Munich
30. and 31.03.2016 Wiesbaden
02. and 03.04.2016 Cologne