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Try It Again

Try It Again
December 17, 2019

Without a doubt, count MASSACRE to the infamous, most Death-Metal Bands in the Florida scene, not only because they with "From Beyond" is one of the most relevant albums to have released and closely connected with the history of the legendary Death Metal Band DEATH are connected, but also, since you are one of the most unstable formations in the Metal-history. Now, a re-formation of this Band is, with Lee to the microphone Came back. A also age well-Known in the Lineup of Michael Borders on the Bass. New drummer Jeramie Kling (u. a. VENOM, INC added. and THE ABSENCE) Taylor Nordberg (also THE ABSENCE).

Lee is at the same time, reflective and confident to Protocol:

"I understand for some fans that it's hard to not be a bit jaded about a band with such an ugly history, but that is all finally about to change. I’m now in a place in the band where I’m in position to do what is right by the band's namesake and legendary status quo. Plus, having both Jeramie and Taylor join is the best thing for the band. These members bring a sensibility and professional mindset that the band is what is lacking before and so urgently needed. Their talents and skill set is a refreshing and positively the right direction for the band. I’m excited and looking forward to what is a MASSACRE will be doing next, and only hope the fans are just as excited“

The recordings for the new Album, which will be trümmert in the Studio, Smoke & Mirrors Productions of Kling and Nordberg in Florida, have already begun. So far, only a Teaser is available, but there will be more. The publication of the final version of the album is targeted for 2020.
The said Teaser is here:

Massacre news!

You've all been patient, and we're still waiting on management to let us release more info (thats just he way things are these days unfortunatley ) but here's a quick sample of the new upcoming Massacre album!! Let us hear you!!

Posted by Massacre on Friday, 13. December 2019

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