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UPDATE: Paul Masvidal Wants To Lead The Band More

September 11, 2015

UPDATE: What MORBID ANGEL , CYNIC a long time ago. After Drummer Sean Reinert yesterday, the resolution of the Prog-legends announced (as we reported, the p. u.), singer and guitarist Paul Masvidal is now on its official Facebook presence is clear: “theCYNIC will continue to make – in one way or another.“

His Statement, according to Reinert does not have him and Bassist Sean Malone on the dissolution of the Band. In addition, Masvidal confirmed the previously Reinert mentioned, year-long internal tensions. Therefore, feel he is now “a bit easier“. Masvidal promises to do everything possible to become a scheduled European tour (which is also the thought-out appearance at the Euroblast Festival counts), using a replacement drummer.

According to his own statement, Paul Masvidals access to the official CYNIC-Facebook has been blocked-page. Further Statements are expected to be on its own channel to follow.


Drummer Sean Reinert has announced today, Thursday, the resolution of the in 1987 founded the Progressive Death Metal Band CYNIC. Artistic and personal differences, would make the further cooperation with singer and guitarist Paul Masvidal impossible. Reinert and Masvidal had founded the Band in 1987, at the age of sixteen years. After both 1991 on the Death Album “Human” were involved, published in 1993, their influential debut album “Focus” in the Progressive Metal scene today enjoys cult status. In 1994, CYNIC broke up for the first time, Reinert and Masvidal were also still common musical activities under the Banner of the PORTAL. In 2007, it came to the Reunion, which resulted in two more Studio albums were created.

Sean Reinert commented on the resolution as follows:

“My many years of creative collaboration with Paul [Masvidal], in childhood in South Florida began, so a great deal of tension, there is a CYNIC in my view in any imaginable way, saved, repaired, or kept. [...] Unfortunately, Bands have to encounter such things. There are various conflict of gradations with different opinions, musical orientations, or perspectives. Sometimes there are insurmountable problems that can't simply be fixed with time and effort.”

From his Statement on the official CYNIC-Facebook-profile also shows that previously announced concerts will not take place. In Germany, the planned Shows with TIDES FROM NEBULA and Masvidals in addition to project ONWARD WITH LOVE in Berlin and Munich, as well as their long-awaited headlining Show at Cologne's Euroblast Festival. The operators are, according to the Facebook Posting but already on the search for a replacement. Quote: “We are as shocked as you are.“