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United Again

United Again
March 09, 2020

Those declared dead live longer. AGATHODAIMON that are already gone since a couple of years out of the picture, will send this year to the instruments to regroup. Since already in 2013 released the last Album "In Darkness" is still become to the Formation of founder and guitarist Martin "Sathonys" Wickler.

Agathodaimon Reunion 2020

Risen from the dead – Welcome Back!

After AGATHODAIMON have spent the last months in order to let some of the old songs in the rehearsal room revival, you have also worked on some new pieces. With this Material the Band wants to go on a label search, as soon as possible and the 7. To publish Album. But that's not enough. To return to live again, there are also a few confirmed festival appearances.

17/18.04. – Ragnarök Festival in Lichtenfels, Germany

16/17.10. – Metal Gates Festival in Bucharest, Romania

to be continued...

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