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Update: The Working Title For A Possible New Album And Tour!

March 13, 2016

You are one of the facets of the most unpredictable Bands of the German underground scene: thorns and influential Empire. In 2016, the legendary Austrians celebrate their 20 year anniversary. And you do that with the occasion worthy of History-Setlist, which is acoustically set how metallic evidence of why thorn apply rich concerts after 20 years as the epitome of a passionate and rousing performance.

Be accompanied DORNENREICH on this Tour of two very special guests from the German Band AETHERNAEUM to be a Jack of all trades Alexander Paul Blake, the with your nature mystic Folk Black Metal will contribute to the haunting atmosphere of the Tour, as well as VELNIAS from the US, the picturesque and very atmospheric expression-and the present is now – after a long time – her new Album in Europe.

After the Work on the last Album “freedom” announced thorn rich in that this for at least a longer period of time, the last Studio album would stay. Now thorn will present rich but a working title for a possible sequel of “freedom”:

“In February 2014, I announced that “freedom” would be the last dornenreich-Studio album for a longer period of time. Now, two years later, I can say that my feeling was confirmed in every respect. A lot of new DORNENREICH music emerged in the past two years, but in particular, my heart and my horizons have expanded and that is exactly what I needed so much – and that will come dornenreich maybe one day specifically to Good.

Even though it is not foreseeable when exactly, in what extent and in what framework we will re-visit a recording Studio, so a sequence of words, I don't want to share it with you accompanied me for several months. Please understand as a vague work or orientation the title, but much of what's on my mind for quite some time, inspired me and motivated, which is reason enough, all the more to feel.

But, as always, life happens, is large, complex, and leads all of us on unforeseen paths, so it ultimately remains uncertain when and whether we are of this Album/project/adventure will be able to realize, but the thought alone gives me strength, that we are working on the implementation of this album, this album with the working title:


Share this message and let me like your associations to this work the title right here or after the concerts of the Tour, which begins next week... The very could be enlightening...

Alive and passionate



We metal.de are delighted to present to you the thorn Kingdom Tour that starts this week!

18.03.2016 Berlin / K17 (Dark Troll WarmUp)
19.03.2016 Dresden / Club Puschkin (Dark Troll WarmUp)
20.03.2016 Stuttgart / Club Central
21.03.2016 Frankfurt / Nightlife
22.03.2016 Hamburg / Marx
23.03.2016 Bochum / Rockpalast
24.03.2016 Erfurt / Club From Hell
25.03.2016 AT – Vienna / Viper Room
26.03.2016 AT Sachsenburg / VAZ (Hell Over Vellach Warm up)
27.03.2016 Munich / Backstage (Dark Easter Metal Meeting)