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Victor Works On The First Disc

November 18, 2015

Victor Smolski is dropped out the other day in a RAGE – so he is probably still a long way from the image surface disappeared, as with the ALMANAC, he raises just a new Baby from the baptismal font. In the same boat, some old and some new companions. What is about to be unleashed on the world, also declared the Lord Victor in the following Trailer for yourself. Only so much can be said: The debut album “Tsar” will be released in March 2016 via Nuclear Blast Records.

ALMANAC 2015 are:

Victor Smolski – Guitar, Keys, Cello
Andy B. Franck – Vocals
David Readman – Vocals
Jeannette Marchewka – Vocals
Armin Alic – Bass
Michael Kolar – Drums

feat. Orquestra Barcelona Filharmonia
feat. Enric Garcia – Keyboards