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Video Clip For "Catatonic" From The New Album "The Raging Tides"

March 22, 2016

The German thrash veterans EXUMER have released for the Song “Catatonic” from their new Album “The Raging Tides” is directed by David Thelen a music video. “Catatonic” deals with the psychological impact of physical torture and abuse.

Singer Mem V. Stein said: “We had to choose this Song for the Clip, because it brings the whole concept behind the Album, aptly to the point. ‘Catatonic’ is no different, also, from the majority, because he is fast, but can still properly clean the skin and perhaps even harder than the other pieces. We have managed to get in the mood with our Director and his Crew for a splendid capture, with new techniques came to fruition, because we worked together for the first time with an actor.” “The Raging Tides” is since 29. To find January of this year in the shops.

Check out the Video for “Catatonic” , on the site of Metal Blade Records!