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Visa Problems Tour Of The U.S. To Prevent

July 29, 2015

The Munich Progressive Death metallers OBSCURA have announced their participation in the Summer Slaughter Tour (28. July to 24. August) is cancelled. The basic problem with the entry, according to band mastermind Steffen Kummerer. Accordingly, the Band did not receive a valid Visa. Double chocolate: The Equipment of the Band was already flown in the USA and is now in Los Angeles. According to Kummerer OBSCURA have set due to the cancellation of several Thousands of euros in the Sand.

Previously had already the Tech Death metallers AFTER THE BURIAL due to the death of their guitarist, Justin Lowe is almost a week ago, decided not to be on the Summer Slaughter Tour to play.

Here Kummerers Statement in the original wording:

Obscura won’t be able to participate in this year's Summer Slaughter due to visa issues. We started the visa process in April, a few days after we confirmed the tour but it seems that US Immigration is a lottery to get a visa in time or not.

We lost all of our flights, our gear is in Los Angeles, our U.S. crew lost their job for a whole month and the US$ 3000 we paid for visas are non-refundable. In total Obscura lost 15000 US$ with this stunt to be straight. This is an existential amount of money for a band of this size. And personally, I face this situation a second time after 2012's Death DTA disaster.

We have been prepared, hired a professional agency to have all visas been applied for correctly and in time – starting in April. The immigration failed to file a necessary I-797 form (the final work permission) from June 3rd – this takes up to two weeks, according to their official information, but they did not even started at this point, so we won’t get an estimate when we can pick up our passports/visas. To clarify, if we would try to get into the country with a tourist visa or without a visa at all, the band wants to get deported on our own costs and get banned from the United States for 10 years.

If we jump on the tour at a later point we will loose even more money since all of our gear, production and breakables arrived in Los Angeles two weeks ago. So booking flights a second time cost us another 8,000 US$. Our coach is based in Los Angeles and paying US$ 1000 per day until we finally would be able to enter the country would ruin the band completely.

It is a bitter, frustrating situation we, our loyal fan base and all the promoters and agents have to face right now. We won’t give up and we will come back to the United States, but we have to drop off the Summer Slaughter 2015.

Steffen Kummerer