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"Vorsprung Durch Hustle" Comes Out In November

"Vorsprung Durch Hustle" Comes Out In November
October 25, 2016

The EXCREMENTORY grindfuckers from Hanover to publish at the 12. November 2016, their sixth Album “Vorsprung durch hustle and bustle”, and complete in-house production. So much for the bare facts. For everything else, we want the five guys to just come himself:

“Three years have left the five-Hanover Grindcore-Kasper from the EXCREMENTORY grindfuckers time, in order to ensure with their sixth Studio album “Vorsprung durch hustle and bustle” again for a low point in the German metal industry. The 23-track in the band's own Studio in Hannover recorded work, on 12. Of November, marks another important milestone in the progressive degeneration of mankind. Once again, the Excrementory grindfuckers have given everything – except an effort. The 23 of his own compositions, of the plate, tasteless Genre combinations, such as Black Metal&Polka, Grindcore&Schlager, Disco, and a ten-minute musicals include once again.

“Vorsprung durch hustle and bustle” sounds just like it looks: Pure violence, garnished with Bling Bling and a big fun of Alienation. The secret recipe, the arrogant, the self-proclaimed Grindcore kings from Wacken to Sprötze already have it all cleared up.”

What is still missing? Clear: Here is the Tracklist of “a head start through the hustle”:

1. Music is dead
2. Lead by the hustle and bustle
3. Pillage
4. Interlude: Hammer
5. Sex with you
6. off to work
7. the brown lagoon
8. Down
9. the animal in man
10. very soon
11. Interlude: Plage
12. Blutwut
13. my heart is beating like a bass drum
14. Somersault into nothingness
15. you can add me to the meal
16. Double life
17. Interlude: Pfefferade
18. Home office
19. for the cat
20. Head high
21. Heroes need no tip
22. but not as shit
23. The man with the silly mask