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Want To Your Money For Two Prog Metal Albums

September 08, 2015

The American Prog-metallers ODIN'S COURT have done much. And because you need for the production of two albums, a little bit of money, now try to get this via Crowdfunding from their Fans. The planned double-blow to. the promising name “Deathanity” and “Turtles All The Way Down, Vol II” hear and has reached 25 days prior to the expiration of the funding period, already more than 2000 of the targeted 3200 Us dollars. If you want to contribute on Kickstarter itself to the Success of secure digital and physical copies of both albums, T-Shirts, autographed Band Memorabilia, and a lot of other stuff. Who now tasted blood, will find all the information about the Crowdfunding campaign and some of the samples on the respective Kickstarter page.

“Deathanity” it will be a “Reboot” of the original in 2008 via prog rock Records released ODIN'S COURT debuts. Vocalist Matt Brookins commented as follows: “This was an important album to the band – we worked hard independently, and then shopped it to labels. It was picked up by prog rock Records (2008), and to date remains our best selling and most popular release. While we were, and still are, proud of what we did, there are some factors that made us want to revisit and improve the quality of the album... mainly the addition of Dimetrius LaFavors (lead vocals), but also my improvements as an engineer and producer. Additionally, the concept of the album is becoming increasingly important in today's world, so hopefully we will reach even more ears with this re-release. Stylistically, this album is heavy, progressive, and artsy.”

“Turtles All The Way Down, Vol. II,” a follow-up, however, logically, the only this year released eponymous disc and the concept. Brookins: “The creation of 2015's album of what is therapeutic to me. I was so enthusiastic about the concept, that I ended up writing two albums worth of music and lyrics. While we discussed putting out a double album, our financial situation and time constraints prohibited it at the time. Rather than letting these ‘extra’ songs go unheard, we thought it would be nice to complete them. While some songs didn't make the final cut, many did – and I wrote some new ones as well. We also have a couple of alternate versions of songs from the 2015 album. Stylistically, this album strikes me as a bit AOR with a hard edge.”