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We Have A New Cryptographic Challenge

October 30, 2015

On 4. December 2015 will storm many Viking Metal Fans to the record stores, the via Dark Essence Records released the eighth HELHEIM Album to bag – and not a few of them will return home empty-handed, because you can not identify the abstrake Cover Artwork, yet the cryptic title, accident-free can Express. Do not let it come, and those Affected can start on time with the Practice, we say to you today, what is the name of the CD is listening to:


How exactly do you pronounce that and what is the deeper meaning of the big letter at the end of a word, you need to find out even though. Also the guitarist of H’brass name-drawn search image and the associated crime register, we want to share with you, of course. Further relevant information will be accepted in the comment section of this News release with thanks.

Helheim 9 Raunijar Åsgards case III Åsgards case IV Odr