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Win A Fat Package!

Win A Fat Package!
January 10, 2020

Jew's harp, the Lute and the horse-head fiddle are not just instruments of what rock fans are usually with your favorite genre in connection. THE HU combines traditional Mongolian instruments with modern Hard Rock, and created their very own style of music they refer to as the "Hunnu Rock". After the Quartet in September 2019, with her Album "The Gereg" publishing has come to you now on a European tour and are already sold-out halls.

Would you like to get a Ticket, were but, unfortunately, too slow? Then we have something for you:

Together with Head Of PR, we want to equip you with a fat THE HU-fan package.
The package gives you and a companion access to one of the sold-out shows in Germany of your choice and equip you and also your companion with THE HU-Shirt, the Album "the Gereg", a 10-Inch Single (with Wolf totem, Yuve Yuve Yu, Shoog Shoog) and stickers.

To throw your name in the draw, you have to do is fill in the fields below this article.
The winner will be announced on Tuesday, the 14. January drawn, and as soon as possible notified via Email.

The Hu - The Gereg Tour 2020 15.01.20 Green Span, Hamburg
The HU 22.01.20 Boiler Room Berlin, Berlin
The HU 28.01.20 Flex Wien, Vienna
The HU 30.01.20 Technikum, M√ľnchen, Munich, Germany
The HU 31.01.20 Komplex 457, Zurich
The HU 02.02.20 The Yard Club, Cologne
The HU More info about this Tour "

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Please don't forget in any case, your Email address and confirm this also. Legal recourse is excluded as always.
Please note: After submitting the form, you will receive an Email from us. The Link you have to click to confirm your Email address. If this is not done we can not take into account your participation in the contest due to legal reasons!

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