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Win Critics Award

November 26, 2015

The Swedish rockers DEAD LORD to win the for over 50 years awarded the “prize of German record critics”. Metal.de surprised, of course, in any way. Assessment criteria of “artistic quality, repertoire value, presentation and sound quality. In individual cases, presentation, booklet, design or readability, can be incorporated in the information in the assessment.”

We say: DEAD LORD to meet, of course, all of these criteria. He who receives it successfully with the shadow of Phil Lynott, has the right quality. DEAD LORDs of the Repertoire is of such a high value that you can bring only the volatile therapy, was able at the age of Après-Ski Victim to at least NICKELBACK level. In addition, Hakim, presented Crimea to spotted under Jack both jeans vest as well as wild Hetfield beard. And about the sound quality of a good 15-DEAD LORDs on black Vinyl not a connoisseurs need to be elucidated.