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With A New Album And Tour At The Start

With A New Album And Tour At The Start
February 07, 2019

SAXORIOR already since 1994, under this flag of music. Founded in the Saxon Switzerland, the men released so far, seven albums, an EP, and were represented on a Compilation. The Name consists of the words Saxon and Warrior. SAXORIOR Melodic-Black-Metal with the typical Form of the guttural vocals. Thematically, it moves in the field of the legendary battles, the battle of the Nations "" with the same name, war in Leipzig in 1813. The home ties Saksen, the musician also with"", which deals with the history of the ancient Saxons in the early middle ages.

After the success of the album "Saksen" from the year 2015, is currently fine-tuning the 8. Work "Hem" (old Saxon for home). The first ideas emerged as early as mid-2017 and the Demos at the end of 2018. Musically, this is somewhat harder than the predecessor, and lyrically it deals to the Saxon Switzerland, of their creation, the wars of the Hussites, and some old Say.

"Hem" is at the 27.09.2019, the 25. Anniversary of the Band, shows, and numerous Live performances supports.

16.03.2019 Meissen, Hellfest

18.04.2019 Bischofswerda, East Club

21.04.2019 Orla (WOTUFA) and, Death Rages On

20.06.2019 Gardelegen, Metal Frenzy Open Air

28.06.2019 Berka, Black Burger Metal Lawn Open Air

24.08.2019 Annaberg-Buchholz, Tanks MC

02.10.2019 Erfurt, From Hell T. B. A.

04.10.2019 Dresden, skull crusher "metal festival for children with cancer"

12.10.2019 Cottbus, Muggefugg

06.12.2019 Berlin, Blackland



Kai-Uwe Schneider – Vocals-

Matthias Eschrich – Vocals, Guitar-

Frank Nitzsche – Keyboard-

Tom – Bass

Andy – Drums

Image Credits: Robert Kuehn