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With An Obituary Of A Very Special Kind

November 30, 2016

Last Friday, the long-time Cuban head of state Fidel Castro died, Yes. And who would have otherwise as our American flagship-Patriot TED NUGENT can be an obituary of a very special kind of writing. We give here are quite aware of the Original quote from his Facebook-page, because some of the formulations you do not want to translate actually into German:

“Donald Trump must be doing something right. The stock market is blazing along over 19,000 for the 1st time ever and one of the world's most evil son-of-a-bitch, and hero of Michael Moore is dead: Fidel Castro. Castro dying is cause for hyper celebration and that's exactly what many of the Cubans in Miami are doing. The entire world should be celebrating. Massive fireworks should be launched over the United Nation's building in celebration of this devil punk’s death. Castro what a human-rights where commie stooge who lived lavishly while the people of Cuba lived in stifling and abject poverty. Without the financial assistance of the former Soviet Union and Venezuela, Cuba would have long ago swirled down the world's toilet. The lesson of Castro is this: tyrants and despots kill and imprison those who disagree with them and the ‘economy’ quickly amphibians toward turd-world status. Socialism sucks. Communism is worse. These t systems of government aren't. They are systems of repression, tyranny, imprisonment, death and destruction. I’m giddy, the son-of-a-bitch is dead. It's time to celebrate. Eat shit & the castro lovers. Evil is as evil does. Hey assholes, is this yours!”

Let's just leave this uncommented so, because here, every single word speaks for itself really. Only so much, for the good TED NUGENT, the advice is seemingly more than ever, that Silence is sometimes the Gold...