'A Moment Of Love - Detest

Death f*cking Metal

I have previously reviewed the re-release of the Danish Detest's debutskive "Dorval" and have subsequently been waiting for the release of this small matter. I was curious as to whether Detest, still managed to turn me, since they have been long gone. The short answer to that question is yes, for the moment the laser beam sends the music out of the speakers, I am in safe haven. It sounds exactly as I had hoped, and the Detest is just: Death F*cking Metal. It sounds as if this plate could have come as the next in line after "Dorval", for the music is cheated out of his nose at their 25-year-old debut. It is easy to hear who is behind riffene, for they follow exactly the red thread, the role of principal John Petersen charted, since he and I still had hair on his head.

Bloody groove and catchy melodies

Line up list on the website metal-archives.com is long as a bad year, but it seems to me that Mr Petersen now has stacked something on the track, which hopefully can keep. He has teamed up with members/ex. members from bl.a. Betrayer of Light and Spectral Mortuary, to carry the legacy forward. Detest has all days been the guarantors of a proper dose of groove, where riffene carries the number through without being outright technical or gumpetunge, in fact it reminds me a lot about the Obituary certain places. At the same time wrung that great melodic riffs/underlying themes in the music, which keeps it fresh, along with the melodic solos, also work with. Lasse Lund, which stands for leadguitar and vocals, I just had to get used to, he is really really good cast, but his vocals are just barely as understandable as the old singer of Peter, and so uses Lasse also a screaming vocals, not unlike the one you can hear Barney (Napalm Death), or Jan-Chris from Gorefest to use. It skurrede a little in my ears in the first place, but gradually sets itself and becomes a real fine asset to the band.

A full-length feature thank you!

When I listen to "A Moment of Love" so I'm actually a little just like back in 1992, when the first edition of "Fuck you We're from Denmark"-the collection was released. Here I became acquainted with a whole heap of Danish death metal bands like Detest, but also names such as Exhaust, Iconoclasm and the Moratorium, and it strikes me that Detest feels just as fresh as when it came out back then. This new EP gives me the same feeling as at home on drengeværelset, and it is pissefedt. Think to publish a plate in 2019 and sounds just as unimpressed, as you did in 1992! It feels, quite simply, authentic in these times of post me here and mail me there, or excessive hype. Now they must then put everything into getting a full-length feature set in the lake, so there does not need to be built up from scratch again! Detest is BACK!

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