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Into the Depths of Veracity - Dawn Of Demise

Manicured voldspsykopater

Dawn of Demise make good death metal – death metal, you want to hear. The foot tilts automatically, and the evidence, that the old school death metal in no way been left behind in the modern metal's wake. It is heavy as hell, and it's a plate, I could find to put on here, just because. The whole thing is very neatly arranged, all the boxes are chopped of, and the whole band, all as one, contribute to the overall positive experience. But used too much energy to get it to sound nice, and I miss the slightly seedy charm, which characterises the niche, for the production pointing in the direction of the more technical variety of the genre. However, tipping my anmelderhat in their direction, Into the Depths of Veracity is without a doubt a very successful plate.




Dawn of Demise is not a collection of amateurs, who would like to try the Danish scene. With 16 years of experience as overall band, and with a handful of releases behind them is the experienced forces that play. They do, so eyes watering, and you get an indomitable urge to call various krisehjælpslinjer. And also this time, there is more bang on than in the local club on Saturday night, and the level is still high.

A few on the mouth

Already know the title track, which kicks glory in time, could my fine-grained anmelderører note to ja: yeah, it's death metal, it's there. There are not spared, and the whole record is imbued with everything that makes death metal so damn addictive. "In Silence He'll Arise" underlines that their favorite genre is not new territory for them: blastbeats, huggende riffs and then Scott Jensen's malicious grynten and hoarse cries, reveals the flow of thick blood in the bulging veins. The intro is almost a formality, because it is just that a would never do and are waiting just around the corner. But what can one expect of the rest of the album, now where the first two numbers is so hard? You can expect foot-dragging riffs and fierce dobbeltpedaler, which is quite elegantly put distance to something that could easily go and be a little åndsbollet. Death comes easy to be boxed in with paddy, easily swaying the howler monkeys, who do not own atv in the pits.

But do not be mistaken, for there is not given purchase on the brutality. There is stone on all the way through, and yet I sense a certain elegance in their music, which is most of all reminiscent of a sømbeslået boot in the face. "The Exaltation" starts off with slow riffs that are accompanied by a highly danceable place dukka dukka. It makes me feel in quite a good mood, for it is a welcome break from the game læsterlige scratching, Into the Depths of Veracity in the reason is taken. The funniest(!) moment is however the intro to the subsequent track "the Ravishment of Carrion". "The Co-ed Killer" Ed Kemper explains us a little bit about the relationship with his mother's severed head, and then we just like started. It is not the disc's best number, when compared to other, but the level is so high that it does not mean it is great.

The numbers are rarely longer than three and a half minutes. But there is surely no reason for a Townsendsk length of the threat of corporal punishment, when you can just settle for throwing a chair in the minds of the people, which has earned a little grovmotorisk talk therapy. Scott Jensen articulates really quite nicely, it is at least every fifth word, I can understand. Though it just had been a real pig on the microphone, displays the message anyway, as, well, a chair in the head.

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