1991.Bloodstained - Gory Blister

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It took time to learn 1991.Bloodstained to know, but it has been the time worth. Gory Blisters fast-paced mix of højttempo tremolo riffs, harmonised leads, solid refræner and frequent change of pace is definitely an experience you should not miss. My headphones are not nailed to the ears every second, and I would like to have had a less overbearing production, but 1991.Bloodstained is nonetheless a pissefedt technical and melodic dødsmetalalbum.

Early avant-gardister

Despite the fact that the Italian Gory Blister has been around since 1991, they are not just a well-known name on the dødsmetalscenen. It is really sin, for their debut album from 1999, Art Bleeds, is an almost avant-garde dial of the technical-melodic death metal á la Death-meets-Voivod. I know the right is not, on his debut got the receipt, in my eyes deserved, but the followup Skymorphosis gave the group the opportunity to tour in Europe together with an internal examination is conducted and Darkane. Today it is my pleasure to present the Blisters sixth studio album, 1991.Bloodstained, so let's press "play" and -

Packed with loads of technique

- Holy crap, what just happened? "Trails of Lies" comes shooting out of the speakers, driven by højtempo tremolo riffing, and at barely three minutes, wasting not a second of... whatever you are doing, when you don't riffer. Compared to the early albums are the shifts in 1991.Bloodstained more liquid, because the Blister has turned down for Marshal of the references and replaced them with Amott-era Carcass. The latter is partly due to the semimelodiske riff-and-lead-based approach, but mainly because of the current vocalist Paolo "St. John" Quaglia, if the Jeff Walker-esque growl suits the music well.

It should be mentioned that I did not find neither the head nor the tail in 1991.Bloodstained to begin with, but it came after a few concentrated gennemlytninger. In spite of velskårne sanglængder and a gracious availability in the individual pieces, holds the music with a certain complexity in that it is very tightly packed. The "Anthropocene", for example, has several different pieces in just two minutes and forty seconds than many songs on the triple length, and throughout the album seasoned rytmefigurerne with well chosen variations in the riffs and leads; as good as nothing will be allowed to be repeated four to eight times.

Until you learn the songs better to know, there are fortunately some needle sharp hooks you can stick on, so you come back for more. Here I cite interchangeably the rolling leads in the beginning of the "No Shadow", the hectic opening tremolo riff on "The Frailty of Life" and the headbanging-inducing chorus of "the Mutable Past". 1991 has a length; Gory Blister have kept the length at 35 slim minutes, so you don't get bored before it is over. However, the last five minutes devoted to a cover of Metallica's "Damage Inc.", as the group's own material goods is only a hair's breadth over a half an hour.

Individual scratches in the paintwork can be found if one takes the monoklen. I actually like the guitar-driven interlude "Mother", but the excitement and anticipation that builds up, formøbles of the semi-jazzy intro to "My Insanity". Some of the album's guitarharmonier, particularly on the title track and "The Last Call", is a little facile and overshadowed by the rest. Production is the guitars crammed up in the foreground in an already compressed sound, which gets tiring even on short duration. For the same reason, sounds not quite as organic as they could.

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