A Dying Machine - Tremonti

An auteur

There is no doubt that this project is Mark Tremontis brainchild; he fills undeniably very in the band's universe. He is not just the man behind the concept, but also fills the two supporting roles in the sound: a vocalist and guitarist. The rest of the band therefore has a retracted position – exactly as on the three previous albums. Tremonti's the sound of Mark Tremonti, and if you like the guts style, is A Dying Machine is an excellent washer.

Expectations are screwed in the weather

Mark Tremonti is a busy man. When he not touring the world thin with Alter Bridge, he plays in his solo project Tremonti, and soon he can also call himself a writer! We will return to. The man and his musical cronies are three album inside in his career, and now they are ready with their most ambitious work to date: a conceptual album (A Dying Machine.

Tremonti, as we know them and however

On the surface delivers A Dying Machine with a pretty generic and worn sci-fi story: It is the classic dystopia, where robots and cyborgs have taken over the world. However, you should not hear the many songs before it is clear that the story has many more layers and actually has something real to offer. The concept will not be due to the boring clichés or cheap tricks, and it is a great strength. Actually tekstuniverset so key that Mark Tremonti has chosen to complement the story with a novel that will be published in late summer. Exciting!

The musical is A Dying Machine Mark Tremonti in his element: The modern metal with clear thrash-roots and melodic characteristics is given free rein. The five pace and aggressive guitar playing, we get a taste of in åbningsnummeret "Brings of War". Here lays the drummer Garrett Whitlock out with a militærisk passage, after which the guitar takes over, and the big chorus sells the song. The melodic touches are found everywhere, but excels in particular in the potential radio hits "Take You With Me" and "The First the Last". Both of these are among the softer numbers, and they have a nice uplifting mood. It creates a really nice dynamic at the plate and a broad appeal. Significantly harder – and possibly even stronger – is the title track "A Dying Machine". The overbearing guitar riffs opens the song, a clear bass joins, and a comfortable aggressive vocals from Mark Tremonti is firmly in the foreground. This number really shows what Tremonti-the ensemble can.

The main character Mark Tremonti has always been a rather talented – and underrated – singer. We heard him a little in Creed, more in Alter Bridge and now full blast in the Tremonti. The solo project has really given him the opportunity to develop his singing voice, and the vocals of A Dying Machine is the strongest we have heard from him in a long time. Although there is screwed a tooth down for the heartbreaking melancholy, which especially was present on the debut album, All I Was, there are still plenty of nerve and soul in his voice. Where the "Make It Hurt" and "Traipse" demonstrates a bastant vocals, is "The First the Last" and "As the Silence Becomes Me" in the opposite camp: Here we hear a tender voice – but not without force. Nice variation.

Unfortunately, this is the beautiful singing voice on individual numbers, including "From the Sky" – deluged with unimportant effects. It is a shame and completely unnecessary. The man can sing; he doesn't sound so overproduced and hardware. Also contains the album a few disappointing tracks, such as "The Day When the Legions Burned". It seems misplaced and are quickly forgotten.

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