A Quiet World - Words Of Farewell

Headphones works

It is not often, but just with this album I chose to listen another playthrough through with headphones on. Quite simply in order to give the band a chance, that their sound was better in a different presentation. Sadly it helped not much. Yes, the keyboard and the two basses come more to their right, and the individual elements stood out more clearly, but there was missing still something, and the recognizable riffs changed the not of the reason.

A not so quiet album, but close to, farewell


The third time, the time?

The six men from Muenster in Germany trying with the band's third album and the sequel to the acclaimed second album The Black Wild Yonder) to stack yet another cohesive and imaginative album, on the legs, but can it live up to the band's fine reputation? Their well-known mix of melodic death metal and progressive rock on this album, one can even sense a hint of power metal in the song "Limit Cycle", which gives the album a slight twist. In addition, it is packed with riffs and a crisp growling vocals all the way through. With that said it is also these riffs that just drag this album down a bit.

Recycled riffs

Halfway through the album, I must honestly say, I began to bored me. The excitement I sat down with by their second album, is simply not to find on this album. Not because it's bad, but if you listen to the music, you clearly notice that the otherwise quite sensible played the riffs almost are recycled again and again. They are catchy, yes, but only in one song or two. Then it just becomes boring. Had it not been for the drums and the okay crunchy, growling vocals, I would probably have chosen to share the album and decided to hear it out another day. However, there are elements that hold the. Here I can, for example, promoting the track "Gaia's Demise," which in the first few seconds sounds like a yoga-number where one needs to allow themselves to sink into itself, but it is only until the drums spæder and smashes loose.

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