Adjust To Darkness - Overthrow

New Norwegian hope?

Norwegian Overthrow is a blank sheet of paper for undetegnede but should be one of the new hopes on the Norwegian metalscene. Stylistically place Overthrow somewhere in between hardcore, punk and metal and the first thing that jumps in the ears is the raw energy and slightly weird production as the Overthrow serves up on the Adjust Two Darkness.

I hear the general is not much on the Adjust Two Darkness that justifies the name as the new hope on the metalscenen, but it is, of course, does not mean to Adjust Two Darkness does have some good sides. Besides a great energy juggling the band with a part genres without the album in any way suffer from stilforvirring. Thus, in addition to a punk rock band, and metallen, also played with, for example, rock 'n' roll ("let Them Fall") and some thrash elements ("Relapse"). But in spite of the attempts to create a versatile album, flowing the numbers are still very together and become too similar. You hit the simply not the essential fatty choruses or riffs, to get the songs and the album to rise above the norm in the course of the album's 38 minutes.

One of the best examples to Overthrow swings fat is "Sleeplessness Awaits" – but it is unfortunately also obvious that there just missing the last of the song rises above the standard.

Tracklist: 01. Adjust two Darkness 02. Come Thunder 03. Let Them Fall 04. The Saints Have Forlatt 05. Phantom Hearts 06. Woolgatherer 07. Sleeplessness Awaits 08. Relapse 09. Octoskulls 10. Destroyeryouth 11. The worst is yet to come

The title track from the Adjust Two Darkness:

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