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All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us - Architects

Much more than a drop in the ocean, but it is not quite enough

I was super excited for this album since I gave myself in the throws of it, but the more I had listened to it, it went forth and was a bit too recognizable. It is still a really good album, but it lacks just a little more variation, than that the album has to offer on its 11 numbers. The track "Memento Mori" starts out with something new, but then goes on otherwise in the same track as the rest of the album. But the track is also very good, however get them to not run completely to the top. But I throw 8 kødløse skulls for Architetcs and look forward to as soon as to see them in Denmark again. With this album, is there a guarantee for some hard-hitting additions to the set list.

British Architects have a lot of heart on their seventh outbursts of anger

Most ambitious album to date

The highly productive british metalcore band Architects, have struggled to find legs to stand on since their first album Nightmares was released in 2006. We had up to the year 2009 before the band really made himself noticed with the Hollow Crown, which the critics and the fans still keep the new releases up against. Especially when they released the sequel The Here And Now, was the waters of the seriousness of the split and the album seemed to go in a slightly different direction than with their previous releases. Without going all their back catalogue through, I can see that Architects with their seventh album, is out with their most ambitious album to date and that it is not coincidence that they are considered as one of the best and most well-established metalcore bands in the Uk.

Vegetarians with lots of bite

This is an album with a clear message and a big slap to the world's population, about to wake up from the destructive behavior we exhibit. The band has great passion for our planet and animal welfare, to name a few of their interests. It also comes to expression at that the entire group is fuldtidsvegetarer and promoters for the organization, Sea Shepherd. No matter the info, you're probably thinking, but it is elementary to understand the message of All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us.

The album starts as a shot out of a cannon, with the violent temper tantrum "Nihilist". From the first second there is full power to everything that can be played on. There is the smack on the drums and the hard djentriffs really put the pace on. Lead singer Sam Carter's vocals have retained its expression from the two most recent albums, and there are virtually never passed a note down in his violent screams. The lyrics of this song, as well as the other tracks on the disc, is a sign of violent frustration and disgust, and it works great, where than awful true the message is. An excerpt from the text reads - "They'd trade their hearts if they were made of gold / But they're as worthless as the souls they sold.", which you can easily recognize in several contexts.

The anger and the pace to run in virtually the same track all the way through, and one is not in doubt that the band really mean it seriously. One of the numbers where there really is a magnificent harmony between the chorus and the whole musical picture, is on the track "Gone With The Wind", which in all ways is a perfect combination of intensity and controlled wildness. The vocals reaches even down into the clean singing, which is also a technique which Sam mastered really nice. It is clear that they have evolved very much since their first few albums, and they are amazingly proficient on their instruments. With songs like "Deathwish", "Phantom Fear" and "A Match Made In Heaven",, you really get velpoleret and hårdtpumpet adrenaline shot right in the ear tubes, and it is one of the most convincing examples of metalcore anno 2016.

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