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And Justice For None - Five Finger Death Punch

Mediocre and at some points unnecessary

It is as if Five Finger Death Punch stuck in a groove and just throw it one number after another out of the same bland groove, without really daring to do or try something different and new. It must just be the cries and screams from the Moody and the natural riffs from Zoltan and Jason and thus bet on, it has worked in the past, so now it works again.

There are a few places, as in the "Top of the World" and "Sham Pain", where there is a little bit hitpotentiale, but it is also nearly the only one. Through works the album is not much more than mediocre and at best just a way for them to make some money. It doesn't work as an album, where you've thought, there must be something special behind it. When you think of the story about the release and it should have been released barely a year after the Got Your Six, so it seems more understandable that it is not so velbearbejdet, and you might not have spent the time on it, as you should. We can only hope that next album is going more to the processing, consideration, and reflection over the material and the potential.

Three years have passed

A, for some, long-awaited album is thrown on the street after a great deal of trouble with their company, Prospect Park. An album, which really was already ready for release in december 2016, were now all of a sudden, just on the table, while there were discussions back and forth in the scenes. Many fans thought it was not dignified, and cried out that Five Finger Death Punch had to change the company, take the economic punishment to slip from a contract and then find a company that would publish their album. They chose to be, and in connection with their first Greatest Hits album was two singles, "Trouble", and Offspring cover of "Gone Away" released, so people got a taste of what was in store.

And here we are now: Their seventh studio album, which finally landed on the table, in both a normal and a deluxe version where the deluxe version has a few numbers extra to offer.

Nothing new under the sun

And Justice for None is unfortunately not something masterpiece. How to. So I got it out of the body. Well I will admit that I have been a Moody's fan for many years and have been a fan of the type of metal and rock, Five Finger Death Punch is able to deliver. It is simple, straightforward and filled with riffs, distinct transitions, and drums, as well as a lyrikopbygning, which is easy to follow and sing along with. I am the type of metal, where you can follow the lyrics, without the need to have the text lying in front of him, and at the same time a bit tough approach, and here meet Five Finger Death Punch my expectations.

I think And Justice for None is a weak gambit. Unfortunately, there is not the or the songs, which have the potential to become a smash hit and at the same time be something that could be used in a future musical sampler of hits through time. Here, I am missing the potential that lay in the "Jekyll and Hyde", "Under and Over It", the ballad "Wrong Side of Heaven" – not to talk about my favorite and go-to Five Finger-song, "100 Ways to Hate". There is something missing, the impact on the And Justice for None; just the extra 10 %.

Musikmæssigt there's nothing to put a finger on. It runs as it should – and as usual, one is tempted to say. Both Jason Hook and Zoltán Báthory frolicking eagerly through the 16 tracks on the album, lasting nearly an hour – something that is unheard of a long time for a normal slice. And with Jeremy Spencer on drums, there is just so much momentum over the field, as there used to be. Even moody's voice seems to be better, but then again, most of it is recorded, before his problems with the voice originated. Those of you at Copenhell 2017 will be able to remember how disappointed we were over, we had to have a replacement. And we're talking not about Royal Arena-the scene.

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