Apology - Dreadful Shadows

Apology is a dignified goodbye from Weekend Nachos

Apology get 8 skulls to be a nostalgic, brutal, and worthy goodbye. And for those moments where the tempo is raised and the members prygler their instruments, they want to with security will get you to lift the eyebrows, and nodding appreciative to the tune.

We here in Denmark are also so lucky that we can get the law to say goodbye to the band, when the 7. October guests the pump casing in Copenhagen.

After 12 years, Weekend Nachos chosen to thank, and they do this with Apology

The album is the culmination of 12 years of right on the old-school hardcore

After 12 pissed off year, Weekend Nachos decided to make an end of their career and publish a final album, Apology. The album has a length of 37 minutes, and contains all the sludge, hardcore and grind, the band has been known for since they released the first EP of Torture in 2005.

This album is the culmination of a decade of anxiety and hostility, portrayed through straight on, old school, hardcore grind that fans of Nails, Terror, and Full Of Hell lives and breathes for.

So, if you are to in your face, chaotic hardcore, so is the Apology one of the albums that just must be heard.

Weekend Nachos is an underground band and they will always be

If you are a fan of Weekend Nachos, then you know that it is a band that does not fall into a specific category. Just like heavy metal has been turned into everything from classical to djent with clean vocals and synthesizers to the bands that have used the words "die" or "death" too many times.

There is also a subgenre of the classic, simple, and original well-known hardcore, who doesn't need a modern approach to keep its fans, and the scene in live. Weekend Nachos will always be one of the groups, and it has proven time and time again with albums such as Punish And Destroy and Bleed, with their well-known sangstruktur and lyrical themes, which work even better during their hectic live shows.

John Hoffman says in the album's press release that the band has explored every nook and aggregate total of the last good material was left and smashed it down in the album. The band wanted to give their fans one last fun, evil, and yet cheerful album to end on. And let it be said that there are some weird songs from the album numbers, but if you are a fan of the band, so will the Apology be an excellent culmination to a great career, especially for a band that really has managed to keep up the momentum the past few years.

After 5 albums, a number of EP's and a compilation album, it is no surprise that the band feel they have reached the end of the line. But there is still a good chunk of the interesting, unique and special songs, like Weekend Nachos gives us in the Apology. An example is the title track itself, which mixes the odd phrasing of a piano and clean guitar with a downtempo guitar riff that stands out from most hardcore songs I've heard. The album caters certainly to a certain fan base, but if you are a part of the crowd, then there is clearly something on the plate.

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