Apple Of Discord - Ghost Iris

It rocks damn very good

Aside from the lack of rupture with and contrast to the otherwise cool technical dødsnumre, fails the album is nothing, and the Ghost Iris can once again be the proud representatives of Denmark in the djentbølgen. With tours in both America, Europe and Asia keeps the band tab high and makes sure to slowly build a kernepublikum up to their technical death metal the world around. That is poured new fuel to the fire, which hopefully can burn a long time yet.

Explosion and implosion

The Danish band Ghost Iris was kicked off with a bang of the awarenessraising debut, Anecdotes of Science & Soul, with creative music videos and popular djent-riffs quickly scattered bandhype on the web. The result of the successful viralmarkedsføring was plenty of online listen to the songs on the first album, but also a lytterskare, which was difficult for the band to hold fast in their second Blind World. Although the songs on this were somewhat more finpolerede and quality in the production clearer, they did not have the same heights in lyttertallene as her debut. Instead it perhaps bothered more long-lasting fans of the band, which you can also expect of it at least just as interesting third album, the Apple Of Discord, which has just been released.

There djentes through

The band's full lydarsenal presented to the listener on the Apple Of Discords intronummer and the titeltrack. Slowly rebuilding becomes fingerspil and heavy drums to the insistent notes, which later sammenstøbes to the liquid flerstrengsakkorder of the kind, which, in particular progbands wont be happy. Thus heated, the tour goes further with The single "The Devils Plaything", where it quickly confirmed that brølene is deep as always, and cleanvokalen can still reach the high tunes. It runs good for the copenhageners. The production is delicious, there is good energy in all the instruments and there are many and heavy breakdowns.

The solid groove continues unaffected through the entire plate over the brutal dræbernumre, but also less remarkable formelsange. The extra strong can in addition to "The Devils Plaything" include "After the Sun Sets Pt. II" and "Virus" with their solid, well-written hovedriffs, as well as the integrated singlenummer "Cowardly Pride" and "Magenta Moon" with its well-coordinated breakdowns. A little bit of atmosphere we get also in the midst of all the technical with the slightly slower number "The Rat & The Snake", which on this show distinguishes itself from the rest of the plate.

Such småeksperimenterende songs could the plate have liked a little more of. It requires a bit of contrast for breakdownsangene to maintain their effectiveness towards the end of the album. This is typically achieved in the djent genre with the sometimes poppy chorus, the Ghost Iris makes use of, but gradually this formula has become a little too familiar to really create contrast. There must be little more than the individual cleanpassager to shake the cosmos and create a new momentum in the one such album.

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