Aquatic Occult - Sourvein

A holistic and well thought out experience

An album is, at its best, a holistic work of art. But it requires that the artist himself sees the album as more than just a series of individual music tracks, but just as a helhedsudtryk, which is reflected on things like dramaturgy, spændingskurve and a general red thread. These considerations are, without doubt, been done with Aquatic Occult. The whole album has been wrapped in the sounds of the sea and the weather and will be initiated and completed by the same guitar riff. The album appears as a whole, with its maritime theme and has a focused expression. It provides a harmonious experience, in an otherwise muddled universe.

If you believe that the very crude (and low) production is a fine gimmick, an expression of a band that does not sell out, or just stupid, so you're going to, to Sourvein with Aquatic Occult, has written some really good music.

A dusty journey to the seabed of the hashtåger

It MUST make sore in the beginning

Some things are not a good experience the first time you try it. Just think of the first time you tried to drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes. Often it turns out also that just such things are the ones you get the greatest enjoyment of in the long term. The first time I listened to Sourveins Aquatic Occult, it was a mess, and in all ways not-nice experience. But with the passage of time, it was really, really good.

Sourvein is largely a one-man project made by the american T-Roy, who has powered the band since the beginning of the 90's. In årernes the years, the band has made very good sludge and doom metal, but without the luck to break out of the underground. The band has however managed to achieve great respect in certain metallic circles, which also explains the impressive number of guest musicians, there is on the album, including Lamb and Gods Randy Blythe, as well as Mike Dean and Reed Mullin from Corrosion of Conformity.

American deep-south sludge with Black Sabbath riffs

Sourvein plays a mixture of sludge and doom-metal. But as a refreshing break from the usual doom-metal is no of the numbers on the Aquatic Occult particularly long. Actually the album's 14 well-composed numbers settled at a little under 43 minutes. For some it will give a sense of momentum, for some (doom-fans), it will certainly create frustration and stress.

The production on the album is abnormally muddy and dusty. The fact that the album is recorded with a 2-inch tape recorder, says little about the level of ambition of the production. Like some (mostly Norwegian) black-metallere loved, T-Roy deliberately made a bad the production on the album. The sound gives the album a raw, punket and crust-like expression. In conjunction with the doomede Black Sabbath-inspired riffs appear the album very dusty and 70's-esque, yet with a modern expression, primarily created through the vokalens switch between shouts, growls and singing.

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